command center

Unprecedented collaboration and offline capabilities.

DroneSense Platform

command center

Command Center gives all stakeholders the power to strategize and tactically collaborate, regardless of network connectivity. Our network box enables you to share real-time views of a scene and plan dynamically. Anyone with a smart device can see a live pilot session, and multiple drone pilots can work together seamlessly. Incident commanders can task pilots directly with waypoints or search areas with a simple touch of their live video feeds. Leverage the power of drone technology for any mission with secure encrypted sharing, even if you are offline.

Unprecedented collaboration and offline capabilities.

  • Watch any drone session on any smart device

  • Task and direct pilots with the tap of a screen

  • Communicate and visualize other pilots in real-time

  • Generate high-res maps or models on site

  • Worldwide secure session sharing

  • Visualize manned aviation assets

Strategic Operations

Scene commanders can use the instant communication and sharing capabilities enabled by Command Center to direct assets by dropping waypoints, sending text instructions, or sending areas of interest to explore--all with a few taps of the screen. Pilots instantly receive these instructions in Flight Control, enabling them to respond quickly and complete objectives.

Secure Session Sharing

Command Center gives you the power to share information with stakeholders on-scene with any smart device, including real-time pilot sessions with full telemetry. With a broader network connection, you can also share full pilot sessions worldwide with remote stakeholders. This expands collaboration capabilities, maximizing the strategic effectiveness of any operation.

Tactical Collaboration

Command Center also allows for multiple drones and pilots to communicate and collaborate easily on a scene. Pilots working in teams can visualize each other on their screens, eliminating redundancies and chance collisions while preserving precious battery time. By toggling between video feeds, pilots and stakeholders can leverage their collective visuals to provide more comprehensive scene intelligence.

offline first

The hub of Command Center is a lightweight, rugged network box that can easily fit in any vehicle built to operate “offline first”. It features a server, LTE modem, configurable antennae, an integrated monitor, and a long life battery. The network box is powerful enough to create scene maps and models, and also enables broader sharing of communications and intelligence, all on-scene.

Search and Rescue

Command Center is ideal to conduct Search and Rescue (SAR) operations. The sharing and collaboration possible with Command Center technology works in even the most remote areas. DroneSense offers specific functionality for SAR, not just with drones but also by search members on foot. As drones and human assets work together to search areas, their coverage is painted on shared screens. This allows everyone involved to see at a glance what areas have been covered, as well as any media captured by drones or by search members equipped with smart devices. Incident commanders can also indicate areas that need further investigation. This level of collaboration, enhanced through the use of drones, leads to unparalleled efficiency when time is of the utmost importance.

Custom Map & Model Creation

Command Center allows you quickly create 2D maps and photorealistic 3D models while on site. Our network box has everything you need to map out areas of interest with great detail. This can be done completely offline and without third-party processing. Once created, import these 2D maps or 3D scenes/models into our Flight Control app to plan and direct missions with timely, high-precision imagery.

Scene Intelligence & Collaboration

Our powerful mapping engine gives your pilots the intel required to complete the mission at hand. Incorporate map layers or models best suited for your needs in order to understand topography, obstacles, and structures. Clearly visualize all drones collaborating in an operation,  helping to prevent redundancies or collisions. See multiple live video feeds with picture-in-picture display options.