flight control

Choose the right drone and fly any mission.

DroneSense Platform

Flight Control

Fly any drone using any smart device with our Flight Control app. Our ground control station software is downloaded directly onto any smart device and plugged directly into any drone remote. Then begin flying, or plan autonomous flights for a mission in advance. Incorporating the latest and greatest drone is easy; there is no new training as the pilot will always fly with our app and have the same experience, no matter what drone is chosen. Enforce pre- and post-flight checklists. Coordinate with incident commanders easily and empower pilot collaboration on-scene. Effortless synchronization with Management ensures all data from all flights are available at any time.

Choose the right drone and plan for any mission.

  • Fly manually, create autonomous plans, or both

  • See pertinent telemetry in a clear display

  • Gain full visuals of topography, weather, obstacles and more

  • Ensure compliance with integrated checklists

  • Import custom map layers or scene models

  • Collaborate in real time on the same screen

  • Display warnings and emergency information

  • Calculate distances and elevations

  • Use flight simulator to train or practice

Mission-Based Toolset

Our Flight Control app gives you the tools to accomplish a wide range of mission profiles and objectives. Plan and fly autonomously, operate manually, or use a combination of both. Use the flight simulator to train pilots or plan missions.

Scene Intelligence & Collaboration

Our powerful mapping engine gives your pilots the intel required to complete the mission at hand. Incorporate map layers or models best suited for your needs in order to understand topography, obstacles, and structures. Clearly visualize all drones collaborating in an operation, helping to prevent redundancies or collisions. See multiple live video feeds with picture-in-picture display options.

Drone Agnostic

right tool for the mission

Train once on the Flight Control app, and use it on whatever drone is best-suited to each mission. Whether it is a fixed-wing or a quadcopter, the pilot experience remains the same. No more training is required across different flight controllers for different types or brands of drones. Just pick the drone required to accomplish your goals and fly.

Pilot Compliance

Upload customized pre-flight checklists into our app which forces pilots to check off on items prior to launching. Also, create and implement post-flight checklists, if needed. Ensure compliance with your policies and procedures, thereby minimizing the chances of something going wrong with the flight and making sure assets are handled properly.

Integration of Data Feeds

Bring in feeds from various sensor packages, such as a thermal imager or gas detection device, and see the output directly in the app. Collect and view data in Flight Control from numerous sources for even greater situational awareness.

Comprehensive Planning

Plan and modify flights in real time. Truly understand your operational area with imported custom map layers or photorealistic geolocated models. Save, repeat or change flight plans as needed for routine missions. Collaborate with team members on-scene or off-site with ease. Incident commanders can task pilots with waypoints, search areas, and other commands, which gives the power and flexibility to complete any objective. With these capabilities, planning is as mobile as you are.

tactical Collaboration

Clearly visualize all drones collaborating in an operation, to help prevent redundancies or collisions. See multiple live video feeds with picture-in-picture display options. Optimize battery life and focus on the mission without worrying about interfering with other pilots.

Clear Telemetry

As you fly, your flight telemetry is clearly displayed in an intuitive visual system. Telemetry, including MSL, relative drone position and orientation to pilot, battery details, gimbal angle, and distance from waypoints are all clearly displayed in real-time. Share your full telemetry with other stakeholders on scene or off-site, if required. Having all flight information at your fingertips gives you the situational awareness needed to fulfill your mission.