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Drones powered by our platform provide decision quality data that expands situational awareness and acts as a force multiplier, ultimately leading to more lives saved.

DroneSense is a comprehensive solution that empowers your public safety organization to build, manage, and scale its drone program. We have partnered with first responders from day one to design a mission-critical software platform that enables you to leverage the full capabilities of drones in your operations. Whether you have already obtained a few drones, or are contemplating how to get your program started, DroneSense can help you quickly become fully-operational across your organization. Any drone, any smart device, any mission.  

Drones are a transformative technology, truly enhancing how first responders carry out missions. At DroneSense, we are here to serve as an integral part of this major evolution in public safety.

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DroneSense Platform


Management is your full system of record. At its very core, it is a complete asset and risk management tool which provides accountability and transparency across your organization. Organize your people, hardware, policies and procedures, and training materials in a powerful but intuitive interface. Whether it is automatically logging flight hours, planning missions, filing NOTAMs, or creating custom reports, Management is your one-stop solution. Our software lets you quickly leverage all your resources so you can spend more time focused on the mission at hand.

Your entire organization at your fingertips.

  • Automatically attribute core data across all mission assets

  • Log flights automatically and view detailed playback

  • File NOTAMs electronically with ease

  • Generate custom reports with a few clicks

  • Create and enforce pilot checklists

  • Monitor pilot currency and proficiencies

  • Set and automatically apply media retention policies

  • Convey all internal policies and procedures

  • Store training materials and manuals

DroneSense Platform


Fly any drone using any smart device with our Flight Control app. Our ground control station software is downloaded directly onto any smart device and plugged directly into any drone remote. Then begin flying, or plan autonomous flights for a mission in advance. Incorporating the latest and greatest drone is easy; there is no new training as the pilot will always fly with our app and have the same experience, no matter what drone is chosen. Enforce pre- and post-flight checklists. Coordinate with incident commanders easily and empower pilot collaboration on-scene. Effortless synchronization with Management ensures all data from all flights are available at any time.

Choose the right drone and plan for any mission.

  • Fly manually, create autonomous plans, or both

  • See pertinent telemetry in a clear display

  • Gain full visuals of topography, weather, obstacles and more

  • Calculate distances and elevations

  • Ensure compliance with integrated checklists

  • Import custom map layers or scene models

  • Collaborate in real time on the same screen

  • Display warnings and emergency information

  • Use flight simulator to train or practice

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DroneSense Platform


Command Center gives all stakeholders the power to strategize and tactically collaborate, regardless of network connectivity. Our network box enables you to share real-time views of a scene and plan dynamically. Anyone with a smart device can see a live pilot session, and multiple drone pilots can work together seamlessly. Incident commanders can task pilots directly with waypoints or search areas with a simple touch of their live video feeds. Leverage the power of drone technology for any mission with secure encrypted sharing, even if you are offline.

Unprecedented collaboration and offline capabilities.

  • Watch any drone session on any smart device

  • Task and direct pilots with the tap of a screen

  • Communicate with and visualize other pilots in real-time

  • Generate high-res maps or models on scene

  • Worldwide secure session sharing

  • Visualize manned aviation assets

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Using DroneSense in the field was a great experience for our team. We've never been able to track all of our flights in such an easy way.  In particular, Rana is Da Man.

Coitt Kessler

Program Manager