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Hello. We're DroneSense.

And we have some big ideas on how drones can enable life-saving solutions for every community in the world.

Our Story

From the beginning, we've always understood the positive impact that drones could have when used by different public safety agencies. As we've grown, our team of former first responders and unsurpassed technologists have acted as a force-multiplier, creating the most advanced platform on the market and empowering agencies to make quicker and more informed decisions.

As we look into the future, we are dedicated to providing real-time data through industry-leading collaboration tools, and an end-to-end management solution for uncrewed aircraft programs of all sizes.

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Our Core Values &  Principles

Be bold and take risks

Be Bold & Take Risks

The entrepreneurial spirit is core to who we are. We thrive when we can challenge the status quo and love building systems, tearing them apart, and rebuilding them better than before. To us, problems are opportunities, all issues are solvable.

Have a growth mindset

Have a Growth Mindset

We are lifelong learners and self improvers. We are constantly working to improve ourselves - both professionally and personally. We are open to changing the way we work and learn from others.

Carry your own bag

Carry Your Own Bag

We don't read minds. We are willing to get our hands dirty, dig into the problem, and be politely persistent when needed. We are creative problem solvers that are always accountable to ourselves, our team and our public safety partners.

Be your best self

Be Your Best Self

We work hard to delight our customers, and value having fun in the process. We don't take ourselves too seriously and come to work without walls. We understand the value of spending time with friends, family, and community, and how a great balance leads to being our best in both.

Help first

Help First

By focusing on how we can help improve our customers' lives, we make their job easier and safer. We have a sense of responsibility in everything we do and are always ready to help others by teaching and showing - not judging or blaming.


Our Culture

Enjoying your work and who you work with is important. We're passionate about helping First Responders and are the type of people that happily jump in to do something that's not in our job description, but needs to be done.

We like being accountable to each other for our goals and projects, because we know our teammate will be the first to help us if we need them. We value a hard work, creativity, and imagination so we can find the best solution, not just the first solution.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Christopher Eyhorn

Christopher Eyhorn
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Linkedin Christopher Eyhorn

Gerard Juarez

Gerard Juarez
Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder
Linkedin Gerard Juarez

Ryan Bracken

Ryan Bracken
Chief Product & Security Officer
Linkedin Ryan Bracken

John McLeod

John McLeod
Director, Customer Success
Linkedin John McLeod

Rebecca McCormick

Rebecca McCormick
Vice President, People
LinkedIn Rebecca McCormick

Eric Schank

Eric Schank
SVP, Engineering
Linkedin Eric Schank

Mike Mocerino

Mike Mocerino
Director of Sales
Linkedin Mike Mocerino

Sam Howell

Sam Howell
Chief of Staff
Linkedin Sam Howell

Lori Knowlton

Lori Knowlton
Linkedin Lori Knowlton

Global Scale, Global Presence

DroneSense is on a mission to support communities worldwide and we'd love for you to join us.

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