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Drones powered by our platform provide decision-quality data that expands situational awareness and acts as a force multiplier, ultimately leading to more lives saved.

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Police deploy drone to find man in woods after 33 hours missing
Enhanced Safety and Better Decision Making - NYFD Benefiting from Drones
Game wardens use thermal drone, K9 units to find missing 74-year-old with dementia
Drones helped contain industrial fire
Fauquier Sheriff’s drone captures drug search warrant in action
Drone using thermal imaging locates missing 6-year-old boy in Minnesota cornfield
Drone technology takes Boulder County public safety to new heights
Drones are now a permanent part of the LAPD’s arsenal
Clark County Sheriff’s Office UAS program takes off
Firefighters using drone technology to help battle wildfires
Drone Technology Used To Better Prepare For 2019 Hurricane Season
Strafford County Sheriff's office coordinating drones and dogs to find missing people
Drones helped firefighters put out Notre Dame inferno
Fargo drone unit lifting off to lend birds-eye view to fires, natural disasters and more
Cass County Using Drones to Assist in Flood Fight
Rescuers use heat-seeking drones after tornado
Fremont Police use drone with thermal camera to find missing teen
Not just a toy: drones ‘a turning point’ for firefighters
Police use drones help find San Diego homeless before annual count
Los Angeles Police Department Deploys Drone for First Time
Thermal drone finds 88-year-old man and possibly saved his life
Drone mapping tech changes disaster assessments
Drones for Good: An Insider Look at North Carolina’s Intense Response to Hurricane Florence
Detailing the Success of the L.A. Fire Department’s Drone Program
Drones and dogs enlisted in search for missing Lumberton 13-year-old
Fla. Sheriff’s Office, Students Deploy Drones to Increase School Security
Kentucky Is Turning to Drones to Fix Its Unsolved-Murder Crisis
Chula Vista Police Using Drones To Respond To 911 Calls
Video of Colonie police using a drone to track a suspected car thief
Drone used to map Schoharie limo crash scene
Lincoln, Lancaster County agencies have six drones
Drones used in search for Maddox; how police use the technology
California's fires face a new, high-tech foe: Drones
Drone used on wildfire in Yellowstone's northwestern corner
Another Use for Drones: Investigating Car Wrecks
Drones Will Supplement Fire, Police Departments in National City, CA
Mountain Rescue Aspen’s new drone is a ‘game changer’
Chehalis-Centralia Airport deploys drone to chase birds off the runway
Broward Sheriff's Office begins using drones for rescue missions, identifying suspects
Drone use continues to enhance emergency response
Law enforcement agencies turning to drones to fight crime
Maryland Sheriff Embraces Drones
Drones help police and fire departments in Belleville school threat investigation
Orland Park Cops Release Footage From Drone-Assisted Arrests
2 stranded hikers, incapacitated dog rescued with firefighter's personal drone
Drones Rescued At Least 65 People In Previous Year
Drones Helping Stockton Cops Catch Violent Crooks, Seize Guns
Fayetteville police use drones to chase suspects, find the missing
RFD's new drones 'amazingly useful' during strip-mall fire
Sedona Fire District uses drone to rescue injured bicyclist
Police use drone to help locate suspect in burglary
Moore County drone finds missing 11-year-old girl
Manatee County first responders avoid hazardous exposure by using drones
Police drone finds man in ditch in Lincolnshire
Drone finds missing pieces from plane crash south of Carson City
How a Wash. PD is leveraging drone technology to serve citizens
Catching Up: Madison police say using drones has helped the department
Drones offer Ontario paramedics unprecedented and game-changing perspectives
Use of drones on rise for Las Vegas police, rescue agencies
Mesa Fire leads way in use of drones
Orange County Fire Rescue: Drone technology delivers 'beyond expectations'
Firefighters used drone to help find missing 6-year-old Bedford Co. boy
L.A. Fire Department used drones for the first time during Skirball fire
2017: The Year of Natural Disasters and Putting Drones to Work
Drones being used in fight against California wildfires
County police drone program shows its value
Crestview Police drone does the work of multiple officers in less time
Cincinnati Police Using Drones To Speed Up Accident Investigations
Fire chiefs use drones to pre-plan for the next big fire
Drone Helps Save Man's Life In Olmsted County
San Diego County Sheriff's Department is Extremely Pleased with its Drones
Stearns County deputies tap drones for aerial searches
Drone technology used in search for missing Richardson girl
Manitowoc Police using drones to fight crime from the sky
Barnstable police use heat-sensitive drone to catch suspect who fled traffic stop, hid in pond
Drone Search and Rescue Mission a Success in Indiana
Hurricanes Show Why Drones Are the Future of Disaster Relief
Drones Play Increasing Role in Harvey Recovery Efforts
Sheriff’s drone helps in Malibu search for missing Glendale woman Elaine Park
How firefighters are using drones to save lives
Drones help Glynn County police nab fleeing suspect in marsh
Drone unit helps Georgetown Police spot hiding suspect
Firefighters use drones for investigations
Drones help firefighters in Cheektowaga make rescues during flood
London Firefighters Used Drone To Battle Grenfell Tower Blaze
Stafford deputies using drones to catch suspects
Search and rescue team uses drone to recover missing hikers
How drones help Lake County police investigate crashes, get roads open faster
Drone technology helping search and rescue efforts in Johnson County
Drones Aid In Search For Lost Grand Canyon Hikers
Drone helps Coral Springs firefighters battle flames at Dollar Tree store
Police employ drones for search-and-rescue, suspect pursuit
Alton Police Department enlists ISP drone for crash scene reconstruction
FDNY uses drone to help fight building fire

DroneSense is a comprehensive solution that empowers your public safety organization to build, manage, and scale its drone program. We have partnered with first responders from day one to design a mission-critical software platform that enables you to leverage the full capabilities of drones in your operations. Whether you have already obtained a few drones, or are contemplating how to get your program started, DroneSense can help you quickly become fully-operational for all stakeholders across your organization.  

Drones are a transformative technology, truly enhancing how first responders carry out missions. At DroneSense, we are here to serve as an integral part of this major evolution in public safety.

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AirBase is your full system of record. At its very core, it is a complete asset and risk management tool that provides accountability and transparency across your organization. Organize your people, hardware, policies and procedures, and training materials in a powerful but intuitive interface. Whether it is automatically logging flight hours against pilots, reviewing detailed visual flight logs, planning missions, filing Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs), tracking pilot training and proficiency, or creating custom reports, AirBase is your one-stop solution. Our software lets you quickly leverage all your resources so you can spend more time focused on the mission at hand.

Your entire organization at your fingertips.

  • Automatically attribute core data across all mission assets & pilots

  • Log flights automatically and view detailed playback

  • Create customizable pilot checklists

  • Monitor pilot currency and proficiencies

  • Ensure asset readiness with maintenance checklists and reminders

  • File NOTAMs online and distribute with ease

  • Generate custom reports with a few clicks

  • Set and automatically apply media retention policies

  • Provide centralized access to all internal policies and procedures

  • Store training materials and manuals

  • Easily export data for regulatory compliance and public information requests



Fly your drone using a tablet with our Pilot app. Download our ground control station software directly onto a tablet. Plug the tablet into the drone remote and begin flying manually, or pre-plan autonomous flights for an upcoming mission. Incorporating the latest and greatest drone is easy; there is no new training because the pilot will always fly with our app and have the same experience, no matter what drone is chosen. Effortless synchronization with AirBase ensures all data from all flights are available at any time.

Choose the right drone and plan for any mission.

  • Fly manually, create autonomous plans, or both

  • See pertinent telemetry in a clear display

  • Consume, view, and record multiple types of video, including thermal

  • Ensure compliance with customizable, integrated checklists

  • View elevations in AGL, MSL and Height Above Terrain (HAT)

  • Collaborate in real time via a Common Operating Picture

  • Communicate with operations command and other drone pilots on scene

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OpsCenter gives all stakeholders the power to strategize and tactically collaborate by sharing real-time views of a scene with minimal latency from any connected device. Anyone in your organization can see live pilot sessions, and multiple users can work together seamlessly via chat and by marking points of interest. Incident commanders can task pilots directly by assigning waypoints or search areas with a simple touch of their maps. Leverage the power of drone technology for any mission with secure encrypted sharing.

Unprecedented collaboration and live streaming capabilities

  • Watch any drone session via a Common Operating Picture

  • View pilot feeds on any connected mobile device

  • Secure session sharing by all stakeholders

  • Communicate with and visualize all pilots in real-time to maximize efficiency

  • Modular architecture allows for custom integration with existing systems

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Using DroneSense in the field was a great experience for our team. We've never been able to track all of our flights in such an easy way.  In particular, Rana is Da Man.

Coitt Kessler

Program Manager